Aviators has a Private Helipad and welcomes fellow aviators to apply for permission to make use of it.

Aviators is situated in Harties and enjoy the tranquil lifestyle in an environmentally rich countryside of mountains and water.

The reduction of noise, especially in this country environment, is an important criterion for us, our neighbors and our visitors.

Arrival Route Guide

Operator Private Helipad – Aviators Tavern & Brewing Co.

Aviators Brewing Company (FAABC)

S25 46 54.5 / E027 47 20.2 Elevation: +-4000 FT

Radio JHB SR West 125.80

Helipad Paved. Unmanned Procedures Apply.


  • Confined Helipad. Trees to the east and Power lines to the west
  • Please note the Predator Park opposite Aviators (South) when planning your approach
  • Vulture Breeding Colony 2nm NW, keep clear and sharp visuals for soaring vultures at aircraft altitude


  • Please note The Coves Estate Private Air Field +-600m east of Aviators
  • This Runway is only for use by Coves residents and their visitors and prior permission is required
  • No Flying over The Coves Estate allowed.

Surrounding Airspace Information

Aviators is surrounded by various Airspaces, visitors are requested to familiarize themselves with this busy Airspace. Aviators is under Special Rules West [frequency 125.80], the Special Rules apply and the maximum ceiling is 7,500ft.

Keep clear of the Lanseria Airspace immediate to the South.

Hartbeespoort Dam is a favorite scenic fly out destination for all kinds of aircraft in the Gauteng area, so it can be very busy. Keep a lookout for Hot Air Balloons, Paragliding and Hang gliding, Trikes, Power Parachutes, Helicopters, Military aircraft, Normal airplanes and Vultures.

3NM North West of Aviators on the ridge, is a Cape Griffon/Vulture Breeding Colony, please keep clear. Also keep a sharp look out for vultures soaring up and down the valley typically right at aircraft altitude 5,000-7,500 ft particularly along the ridge to the north.

Take notice of the Hartbeesfontein Conservancy 6NM to the South West in the valley, no flying below 1,500 ft AGL over this protected area.